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Footprint is a flexible solution that helps manage and monitor mobile workers delivering services in the field.

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How it Works


Build your own custom forms and send to field-based operatives


Field operatives populate and submit work remotely


Analyse and distribute your information to make informed business decisions

Customise for your business

Intuitively collect the information you need

Forms can be tailored to fit your specific needs without any tech experience required, from simple job sheets to multi-page surveys. Once built, your forms will be available in your Footprint App. Select from over 50 different field types from photos and videos to offline databases.

Manage your information

Create custom workflows & processes

• Condition based input which intuitively responds
• Create options for users to select, saving time on manual entry
• Integrate 3rd party platforms with our open API

Data collected is more accurate and complete, helping you understand more about your teams, clients and resources.

Key features

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Custom Forms

Build tailored surveys, job sheets, timesheets and reports

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Custom processes

Setup multi-step custom processes to deliver your data in the format you chose

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Custom Documents

Output information to any document type you need, including PDF and Word

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Image/Video capture

With annotated images & drawings, time/date, and locations stamps

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Offline data capture

Ensuring no information is lost

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Custom workflows

Create custom processes for each form

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Integrate with your exiting platforms

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White labelling

Use your own company logo and colours

Use Cases

Case studies that reveal tangible benefits from implementing Footprint

Discover how the power of Footprint has helped companies like you save time in the field and the office, so you can be more productive.

"Since choosing to team up with Footprint, paperwork is returned to the office upon completion of each job which allows customers to be promptly informed of work that has been carried out on their site. It also allows us to send an invoice without having to wait days for paperwork to be returned. This has really helped to streamline our main business processes. Thanks to the team at Footprint for all of the support in setting up and smoothly running the application."

Connor Rodgers, Managing Director, SR Fire & Security

"Prior to implementing Footprint, we were having issues with accurately tracking time with the guys on site and keeping track of work progress. Now we are gathering timesheets and daily work reports from the engineers along with some work specific reports all enabled through Footprint. A recent incident occurred where there was an accountability issue on site. With our report we were able to provide proof which meant no cost was incurred to SC vent."

Sean Crawford, Managing Director, SC Vent.

"Accurate, post-clean reporting is extremely important to us at DCS and the Footprint app has been the perfect tool. This morning we’ve got our new starts learning the ropes on our custom-made app that we’ve been using for the last 12 months, which I can highly recommend. The reporting systems are customised to take into account SHTM’s for hospital ventilation and TR19 grease for kitchen extract systems. This level of customisation for our industry is exactly what we need."

Ben Martin, Director, Duct Clean Scotland

Transform how you collect your most valuable business data

While unlocking productivity from your workforce

Reduce the time, cost and risk associated with data collection, workflow automation and analytics. Ultimately giving you 360-degree visibility of your field operations, so you can make your business's important strategic decisions.

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